Puppy Training & Socialisation at PAWS CONTROL (Outdoor Sessions)   

A safe outside environment for you and your puppy to socialise with other young puppies and owners.  Also a chance to experience some new things together to help with your lifelong friendship. Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks who have had their vaccinations. £15.00 per session, minimum of 2 sessions. Saturday afternoon. 

Experience New Things Together

Learn how to say Hello

Learn some Basic Manners

Puppy Socialisation 

Puppy will need to have had their first 2 vaccinations as this is an OUTDOOR class. 


These sessions are ideal if you and Puppy want to have fun whilst learning!  During these oudoor sessions you and puppy will have the opportunities to experience new and exciting things together in a safe and relaxed environment. Puppy will also learn the important communication skills that they need to politely say "Hello" to other dogs.

Through our programme of socialisation and confident building activities you will be providing the best possible foundations for your puppy's start in life and thus prevent any possible behavioural problems occuring as they grow.  We ensure that you and puppy begin learning some basic manners as well as having fun using our varied equipment for discovery and positive experiences in our purpose built indoor training arena at Coxleigh Barton. As you can see lots of fun is had at our classes, especially with the Tunnel and Textures course!


 All puppies are welcome to come and join in the fun!

                                          What Happens at Puppy Training and Social Sessions ?


At Paws Control Puppy, we help you to teach puppy some basic Puppy manners and to help them be able to do these things when they are close to other puppies. We like to let the puppies have some time to play together and also encourage you to start getting puppy to return back to you when you call them! Play is so important for puppies that we like to make sure that puppy not only plays with other puppies but also plays with you! We also have our tunnels and textures courses out which gives you and puppy an opportunity to experience new and unusual things together in a safe and positive way.

We are also there for any Puppy problems that you may be having


Paws Control sessions are held weekly in our oudoor training arena at Coxleigh Barton, Barnstaple.


These outdoor sessions are held on a Saturday afternoon. We operate a rolling start system, as long as we have spaces and Puppy has had their first two vaccines you can come along and join in the fun! 


We require you and puppy to complete at least 2 sessions which can be taken over a 6 week period. 

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