Let’s get Puppy off to the best start!

Paws Control offers a range of INDOOR and OUTDOOR Puppy Training.

Group classes give you and your puppy an opportunity to build a great relationship using fun and positive reward based training.


For Puppies From 10 weeks

Puppy school - training for puppies under 24 weeks old - This is our most complete Puppy Course, to give your puppy the best start possible,

For Puppies From 24 Weeks

Indoor or Outdoor

Short 4 week condensed course for puppies over 18 weeks to introduce puppy basics or ideal just for a recap! 

Socialisation Classes - for all Vaccinated Puppies 

Outdoor Social and Skills sessions for all vaccinated puppies, classes in our secure paddock. 

Advanced Puppy Classes 

Follow on course from any Basic Puppy Training.

For all puppys that have completed some Basic Puppy training. Includes Puppy Progress and Puppy Pawfect


Puppy Training and Socialisation Classes

Your puppy can begin our Puppy School as soon as they have had their second vaccination. Each course comprises of 4 sessions where you and puppy will learn together in a safe secure and relaxing environment. We have Foundation classes for puppies up to 24 weeks,  and Puppy Plus which is for puppies over 24 weeks. 

Puppy School IndoorTraining 

Puppy school in Barnstaple on a Weekday and on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON. We are lucky to have an indoor and outdoor space at most training venues.



Contact us for details. 

Puppy Plus - Outdoor or Indoor Sessions

Is Puppy over 24 weeks?

Paws Control offers Puppy Plus which is for all puppies that are either too old for puppy or those that need a quick recap of the basics.  Puppy Plus  is a short concise course that comprises of four weekly sessions at our indoor arena  and secure outdoor paddock at Coxleigh Barton, Barnstaple

Puppy Life Skills - Outdoor sessions Only

Puppy Life Skills helps you to teach puppy some basic Puppy manners when on their own or when they are close to other puppies. We also like to let the puppies have some time to play and have fun experiencing the Puppy safe agility equipment. 

This short course runs for four weekly sessions and is held at our secure paddock at Coxleigh Barton, Barnstaple


Suitable for vaccinated puppies over 12 weeks old.


Puppy Progress - Outdoor & Indoor Sessions

Progress Training for Puppies over 12 weeks old that have completed Paws Control Puppy Training or had alternative formal training. Puppy Pro helps you and your puppy to develop on from the skills learnt at Puppy classes and to also learn to transfer those skills into different environments.


Puppy Progress is held at Coxleigh Barton, Barnstaple.

Contact : Sharon Harris

07912 302916 or 

01271 860038


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