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Paws Control Dog Training Terms and Conditions


Please ensure you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions before you make a booking. By placing a booking you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted them. 


  • Paws Control Dog Training use reward based training therefore any harsh handling will not be tolerated. 
  • Please do not bring your dog if it is suffering from an infection, sickness, diarrhoea or any other illness​.
  • Please contact Paws Control Dog Training before coming to training sessions if your bitch is in season.
  • Handlers and/or owners remain responsible for their dogs at all times and are advised to ensure they have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or to a third party.
  • Paws Control Dog Training will not be held liable for any illness, injury, accident loss and damage to any person or property including their dog, before during or after a training session.
  • Please keep dogs on leads at all times unless otherwise directed by the instructor.
  • Please respect the personal space of other dogs and ensure you stand at an appropriate distance unless you are advised otherwise by the instructor.
  • Handlers must be a minimum of 16 years old unless accompanied by an adult.
  • All bookings require a deposit to secure the service offered, deposits are non-refundable.
  • Payment for all Training and behavioural services are payable at the first training session or consultation.
  • Training sessions and consults will take place at the locations and times as agreed, however Paws Control Dog Training reserves the right to change the dates or venue, particularly with changes in the weather. If a booking is cancelled due to the weather, Paws Control Dog Training will then reschedule all the bookings to an alternative week or course date.
  • Sessions and Services are non-refundable under all circumstances
  • All Block 121 Training sessions must be completed within two months of the first session.
  • All Block Group Training sessions must be completed within eight weeks of the first booked session.

Attendance at a session signifies acceptance of the terms above.



Contact : Sharon Harris

07912 302916 or 

01271 860038


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