Behavioural Issues 

Do you feel that some of your dogs behaviours are affecting the relationship between you and your dog?

Our Highly Qualified Behaviourist, Sharon Harris (Bsc) can help you with any problematic behaviours that you may be experiencing with your dog or dogs.

Rescue Dogs

Sharon, has also worked with many rescue dogs from abroad. To help her further understand these dogs and to be able to improve their lives when they go into homes, Sharon has made several visits out to countries like Romania, where she has worked closely with the dogs in the pounds, shelters and from the streets.

Behavioural Services from Paws Control

.Does Your Dog :

**Behave inappropriately around other dogs,animals or humans
**React with jumping and/or  barking when out on the lead on a walk
**Display signs of seperation anxiety when you leave the house
**Bark uncontrollably when the postman delivers or people come to your door
**Show any concerning reaction when they are around food or toys
**Display any "odd" behaviours, like pacing, spinning or chasing light
**Display any signs of fear or anxiety in any particular or all situation
**Destroy property or toys even if you are home
**Have poor socialisation skills?

.Behaviour Modification


All the above behaviours are covered in our Behavioural consults, where we can offer you positive and practical solutions to help your dog overcome these probems. When trying to understand why your dog behaves in the way they do, it is important to firstly discover the cause of your dogs behaviour, once we understand what is causing the behaviour, we can use scientifically proven ethical behavioural techniques to help modify these unwanted behaviours. **BEFORE ANY BEHAVIOURAL MODIFICATION PLAN CAN BE PUT IN PLACE, WE MAY REQUEST YOU TAKE YOUR DOG FOR A VET CHECK. THIS IS TO ENSURE THERE IS NO MEDICAL ISSUE THAT MAY BE CAUSING THE UNWANTED BEHAVIOUR**

Behavioural consults  **We have affordable packages from £75.00**

During the initial consult, we will consider the history and an outline of the problematic behaviour that your dog is displaying, and help you to understand what may be causing your dog to behaviour in the way they are. We will aim to put in some practical control and management techniques to assist you immediately and then begin working on a Behavioural Modification Plan for a long term solution to your dogs unwanted behaviour. 

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