Multi-Dog Households 


Have you got more than one dog, and need some help to restore Peace?


Could you not resist the puppy dog eyes and took on TWO puppies?


Then contact us ...we can help

Have you got more than one dog or Puppy in your house?

Do you feel like you are forever having to separate your dogs due to fighting, or that one is "bullying" the other, 


Have you just taken on two new puppies, from the same litter and are worried about training? 


Has time prevented you from putting in some important training, and you had hoped that your "older" dog would train the "younger" dog,

Remember dogs do learn from each other, but not only good behaviours but also bad ones too!!!


Do you have a chorus of barking when the postman delivers, and are now dreading anyone coming to the door because of the noise? 

Many homes now have more than one dog, I am one of these people too (I have 4!!) and I know just how hard it can be to integrate a new dog with already resident dogs or when dogs within your house start misbehaving.


We can help you with Puppy Training if you have taken on littermates ( I know,personally how tough that is, as I did this!)


We can help with all of your multi-dog training and behavioural requirements.  Whatever problems you are experiencing with your puppies and dogs, please contact us to discuss your invididual requirements.


Prices vary dependent on your individual requirements....


**Multi-dog Training sessions start from £75*

Group and Individual Recall

Do you find that one dog will come back to you much quicker than the other? Or that as one dog comes running back, one of your other dog darts across in front,  preventing your other dog from coming back to you? And have you found that every dog in your house has developed the same name!!


In our secure paddock at Coxleigh, you can safely practise group and individual recall with your dog, ensuring that all dogs return to you when called individually or in a group. 


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