Have You and Puppy Just Completed Your Foundation Puppy Course or Puppy Plus with Paws control, or at your vets, or somewhere else  


Paws Control invites you to PUPPY PROGRESS...

Puppy Progress at Paws Control                

Once you have completed your Puppys foundation training,  the next step of training that we recommend is Paws Control Puppy Progress. 

Is my Puppy suitable for Puppy Pro?


At Paws Control we know the importance of maintaining training with your Puppy right through to their adult lives.


We welcome all puppies over 15 weeks from either our puppy courses or those that have attended puppy classes elsewhere onto Puppy Pro.

What will we learn at Puppy Pro?


Puppy Progress helps you and your puppy to develop on from the skills learnt at Puppy classes and learning to transfer those skills into different environments.


This includes improving on the exercises that  you started during your puppy course, but with the addition of some new exciting exercises, to help increase your puppies self and impulse control.

Where and When are the Sessions?


Puppy Progress courses are held at our secure paddock and Indoor Training Arena at Coxleigh Barton. 



The course runs for four 45 minute weekly sessions, and is only £85 for the complete course and all puppies receive a certificate and rosette on completion.

Just 2 of Paws Control Puppy Progress

Introducing the handsome Reuben and gorgeous Tilly

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