Puppy Plus - Training for puppies over 24 weeks old

What will my puppy learn at Puppy Plus?



We cover basic puppy manners including:



polite lead walking,

sit stay and wait,

impulse and self control exercises,

leave it,

and also some fun tricks as well. 

Where and When are Puppy Plus sessions?



We are currently offering OUTDOOR sessions at Barnstaple.


Outdoor  Saturday at 11.30am



We have designed our Puppy Plus Course for all puppies over 24 weeks but under 14 months old. 


This includes older puppies that have not had any previous training and also puppies that you have rescued or rehomed, but still need some puppy training.

Puppy Plus Courses are held at our secure paddock at Coxleigh Barton, Nr Barnstaple on a Saturday at 11.30am with Sharon 



The course runs for four weeks, at a cost of £44 for the four sessions. On completion all puppies receive a certificate and rosette and an invitation to join any of our further training sessions 


Our latest class of Puppy Plus had such great fun practising their recalls!

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