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Refresher training is suitable for dogs of all ages.


Due to our busy lives, sometimes we forget to keep up with basic training with our dogs and overtime we find that maybe our dog is not coming back when we ask them to or beginning to pull a bit more on the lead when out on a walk. Paws control offers one -off refresher sessions that are for owners that want to revisit basic training and manners, and is suitable for dogs of any age.  They also offer flexibility for training without having to commit to a 6 or 8 week course. Sessions are run on a weekly basis and are selected around owners requests. These could include recall, polite lead walking, sit and stay, dog greeetings etc. 


Refresher training is also great for dogs and owners that have attended our courses and want to drop into a session, once a month just to brush up and maintain their training. Please contact us for more details and available dates. Bookings can be tailored around your requirements.


Individual sessions to cover one specific exercise including;  recall, basic manners, lead pulling, jumping up and  lead reactivity. Bookable in advance.


Sessions available on weekdays and weekends. 

Refresher sessions 

  Individual sessions can cover Polite Lead Walking, Recall, Basic Manners and Jumping Up 



When you recall your dog, do they always come running or continue doing what they want?



Is Walking Your Dog No Longer an enjoyable experience for you or your dog? Do you find that you are being pulled along and that the dog is walking you 


Does your dog sometimes not "Sit" or "Stay" when you ask them too? Have they seemed to have developed "selective hearing?" 

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