Levels Training

Levels Training

Paws Control offers Levels training from Level 1 through to Level 7!

As a qualified IMDT trainer, we follow the IMDT partnership grades thorough to Level 3. After Level 3 through to Level 7 we have designed our own unique training Level Programme, which ensures the continuation of some of the basic exercise from the lower levels, but also makes use of many new exercises which incorporate the use of our Agility Equipment.

All sessions are with Paws Control Qualified Head Trainer Sharon 

We have currently have 6 dogs working hard to their Level 7! 


Level 1 

Level 1  is ideal for puppies and dogs that have had none or little formal training experience. It Is also a great starting point for rescued and rehomed dogs, as it helps to build up your relationship  and alsodevelop your handling skills. Skills that you will learn include recalls, sit stays, loose lead walking, basic manners and also some fun tricks. 


Classes are for puppies and Dogs of any age Sessions are bookable in blocks of four and are £20 per session.  

Level 2-7

Levels 2-7 builds and further develops the skills learnt in the Level 1 training, with the introduction of many other skills including distance control, sendaway, heel work and working with the agility equipment. Dogs need to have completed Puppy Progress or Level 1 or had some previous training to join Level 2 and onwards


Classes are for puppies and dogs of any age and run on a weekday and evenings. Sessions are bookable in blocks of four and are £20 per session.


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