Are you struggling with your Dogs :

  • Reluctant Recall
  • Pulling On The Lead
  • Excitedness Around Other Dogs
  • Running off


Paws Control Group classes are great to help you and your dog with these issues. We have classes that are suitable for all breeds and ages of puppies and dogs. Our Sessions are held in our own safe and Secure Outside Paddock.Our aim is to help build up the relationship between you and your dog whilst learning basic dog manners using positive reward based training.

Mischevious Mutts

Suitable for all young dogs (aged between 6 months and 3 yrs)

These classes are structured to cater for all young dogs that have some basic training, but find it hard to concentrate when other dogs are around them. We cover focus, recall, polite lead walking, self control and all basic puppy/dog manners. 

This short course is held outdoor or indoors (Weather Dependent)  and is £80 for the four sessions. 


Levels Training is ideal for all puppies and dogs that have had none or some formal training experience. It can also be a great starting point for rescued and rehomed dogs, as it helps to build up your relationship and develop your handling skills. Skills that you will learn include recalls, sit stays, loose lead walking, basic manners and also some fun tricks. 


Classes are all held outside and are suitable for puppies and Dogs of any age. Sessions are bookable in blocks of four and are £20 per session. These sessions are on a rolling start, please advise when you would like to start on Booking Form. 

Back 2 Basics 

Has your four legged friend forgotten some of the basics manners. including recall, walking politely on the lead and sitting patiently? 

Then Back 2 Basics at Paws Control will help remind them. 

This new 4 session course is ideal for all dog and puppies over 8 months old that are happy working around other dogs, but find it hard to focus on you when there are dogs nearby. 

Back 2 Basics is also a great course to start your dog training journey or if you and your dog just to refresh your memory. 



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