What's Available At The Dog House?

Individual & Group Dog Training

We run Puppy anddog classes on a regular basis, now our 4 week Back-To-Basics Course is available

Puppy training - Group classes or 1-2-1 Sessions

Lots of Puppy Training happens! We run a class nearly everyday of the week! 

Puppy and Small Dog Individual Agility Sessions.

We have puppy & small size dog agility equipment that we can use in The Dog House

Lots of wholesome and Tasty treats for Puppys and Dogs

We stock only nutritional treats for your dog and puppy. Also always available to buy at Training sessions

Lots of great toys and Canine Enrichment Ideas

If you need help with a "bored puppy or dog" that has started chewing on your furniture..ask about some enrichment ideas

Lots of Advice to help with amny issues you may be having

With Lis's veterinary knowledge and Sharon's Behavioural knowledge, we can normally solve most problems! 

There is Lots happening at Paws Control Dog House


New Training Classes in 


start Wednesday 20th March at 6.30pm





Pet Sitting 


Harness Fitting

Perfect Fit Harness Stockist with Free Fitting 


Canine Essentials

Suppliers of Treats & Food


New Courses Starting SOON 


WEDS 27th Puppy

THURS 28th Back-to-Basics


SAT 30th-  Puppy

SUN 31st - Puppy

Mon 1st -   Puppy





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